• #Protein - 30 gm
  • #Energy - 2000 kcal
  • #potassium - 300 mg
  • #Phosphorus - 500 mg
  • EARLY MORNING - less milk tea+biscuit-2,suji rusk-1
  • BREAKFAST - suji upma , sewiya upma, suji idli ,uttpam , dalia, atta chela, poha, brown bread toast.
  • MID MORNING - apple, guvava, pear, pineapple, papaya, orange, pineapple(take 80-100gm/day)
  • LUNCH - Dal / subzi, chapatti 2-3,curd, rice(remove 1 chapati) (Salad-onion, lettus, cucumber, pink raddish).
  • EVENING – less milk tea+biscuit-2(can take above which provide in breakfast)
  • EVENING SNACK - unsalted murmura or popcorn, khakra.
  • DINNER – dal / subzi-1 bowl, chapatti 2-3, rice – 1 bowl (Salad-onion, lettus, cucumber, pink raddish)
  • POST DINNER – suji kheer, plain custard, rice kheer, phirni, oats daliya

Food to be avoided
Amla, any juice & soups, coconut & coriander chutney, sauces, pickles, soft drinks Sprouts, soya, soya chunks, lotus stem, roasted chana, maize, ragi, cornfrlacks, soyabean, dry peas, field beans, vinegar, packed can food, spinach, sarso saag, green leafy veg, lemon, coconut water, bakery product, papad

Food have in limited amount (15 days or 1 month)
Rajma, black chana, white chana, chana dal, tomato, sweet corn soup, maida product, limca, methi stalks, bringal, butter, raw papaya, cabbage, jack fruit, cauliflower, garlic, spices, sword beans, mango powder,

Food can have
Tur dal, moong dal, massor dal without husk, green peas, karela (bitter gourd), French beans, ladies finger, parwal, bottal guard, snack gourd, tinda, water chest nut fresh, murmura, low salt khakra, suji atta mathri, unsalted popcorn.

  • #MILK- 100ml/day
  • #Curd-50gm/day or paneer-10-15 gm
  • #Dal-30 gm/day or 1 egg white
  • #You can have kadhi without pakoda less besan ( dnt take curd that day)
  • #You can have dal or besan cheela thin 1( dnt take dal that day)
  • #You can have lauki kofta (dnt take dal tht day)


  • #Avoid salt during on the table.
  • #1 pinch equal 1 gm salt.
  • #Avoid salted food for sodium restriction.
  • #Avoid spices,dark green leafy veg,dried beans,nuts,peanuts,tomato,fruitjuice, soups, for potassium restriction.
  • #Food high in phosphorus milk n milk product, nuts,dried beans,meat & liver, cola
  • #All vegetable should be LEACHED specially dark green leafy veg, chopped,wash properly and put all veg in hot water for 1 hr .then discard the water and reboil in fresh. For reducing the potassium level.