• Tara Mishra
    I was diagnosed with this fatal illness CKD in 2001 at just 44 years of age. My entire life was changed completely. I am in government service and it seemed that my career and future were at risk. I had visited several doctors but their medication never relieved my symptoms rather complicated my problem. The side effects of those medications were near fatal. I wasn’t even able to walk. And then I get treatment from Dr Sham Sunder. For 15 years, I was treated without being on dialysis. I am leading a very normal life. All thanks to Dr. Sham Sunder. I attach his caring and helping attitude more than his medication advice.
  • Sudarshan Prasad
    Under the treatment of Dr Sham Sunder, I would say he has given me new birth. I was very frustrated about my inability caused due to kidney problem and I felt helpless. But Dr Sham Sunder’s treatment helps me a lot and my condition is stable now. I am able to perform my day to day work with ease. I wish Dr. Sham Sunder all the best.
  • Kuljeet Kaur
    Upon learning that I have CKD, I really started worrying. I was thinking that it would be a horrible experience. But Dr Sham Sunder’s supportive and caring attitude instill confidence in me and I am very satisfied with the care l am receiving. Now, I am really feeling happy about my treatment. I am thankful to Doctor Saab for his good treatment.
  • Puran Bahadur
    I am very impressed with the knowledge of Dr. Sham Sunder, especially his wonderful attention to every patient of him. His care is second to none. I am having dialysis thrice a week and under Dr Sham Sunder and I am amazed at the speed of my recovery.
  • Kuldeep Malhotra
    When I was diagnosed with Kidney ailment I thought I'd never be able to lead a normal life. The difficult part of the disease is maintaining activity level and managing other related problems. However under your guidance, I am having a workable life. My sincere gratitude and many thanks to you. Your help and co-operation is great. Your experience is incredibly vast that provide positivity to me.
  • Chandrawati
    I just want to thank Dr Sham Sunder for providing me new life. I was afraid of dialysis before meeting him. However his helpful co-operation made things easy.