• Amrik Sarang
    Dr. Sham Sundar provided accurate diagnosis, no doubt he is an expert in his field. He was very approachable, easy to talk to and helped us with his guidance on Chronic kidney disease management. He has a friendly nature. Highly recommended.
  • Isha Arora
    Dr. Sham Sunder has an excellent diagnosis. I consulted him after seeing other doctors for a year and he was able to diagnose my illness the first time and advised accordingly.
  • Elroy D'Souza
    Great Doctor, unlike others doesn't advice to take infinite tests. I had forgotten a report and he asked me to WhatsApp it and gave me advice accordingly. I definitely recommend Consulting him.
  • Gourav Sharma
    Having good experience with the doctor I am very much impressed with his treatment recommend every one to be their for his kidney related problem
  • Ashish Tuli
    I am suffering from FSGS for past many years. Over the years I consulted many doctors. But relapse occurrence kept increasing. Almost once every year. Some of them even suggested that I would soon require dialysis. A friend told me about Dr. Sunder. With his guidance and treatment I feel much relieved and confident in my daily life. He is a very friendly and down to earth person. Apart from medication, He suggested many lifestyle changes that helped me a lot. After following his advice and treatment I have not had a relapse in last 5 years. Many a times he answered my queries on the phone. Dr. Sunder was always avlbl to help me with minor side effects as well that occurred occasionally.
    I visited Dr. Sham Sundar clinic with my father for the kidney treatment of my father. We found Dr. Sham Sunder is very friendly, polite and humble.He explained very well about diagnosis and treatment. Thank you very much Dr. Sham Sunder for your valuable time and advise.
  • Shashi Bhardwaj
    Dr Shyam is very Polite and expert in his area. He explains the issue and problem very nicely and satisfy the patient. The patient feels satified after consultation. I really recommend him for any kidney related problem. Thanks Dr Shyam for your time.
  • Rama Krishna Rao
    I have been under his follow up treatment ever since the detection of my illness. Doctor has been taking care of me very well and is always accessible. After consulting him I get confidence and he always creates a positive vibes in me I am always grateful to him.
  • Mukesh Sharma
    I had taken my treatment last year and I m glad to have such type of Doctor n the facilities which was provided by them are excellent . During my plasma filtration he had waited for me.... Even he had never treat me like a stranger. He always speak politely and he was very sincere n faithful for his work. Even in my serious case when I lost my all hopes......he motivated me and my family. I appreciate him very much. He gave me a new life. Thank him
  • Jagvinder kaur
    I am more than happy to be treated by him. He explained everything perfectly. No doubts left. Thank you sir. life saver
  • Inder Grover
    He is very friendly with his patients. Also he gives proper time to all patients. I am very satisfied with his treatment and will definitely recommend others.
  • Arshad Kamaal
    The Doctor is thorough professional and gives patient hearing to the patient. He also gives personal touch to patient which is indeed reassuring.
  • Mrs Anokhi devi
    My mother is very satisfied I went there for the treatment for my mother's kidney problem.He is a very friendly doctor and only recommended tablets instead of dialases.
  • Sumit
    I am very happy with treatment by dr. Sham sunder, His explanation and advise work well when you follow and I thing its amazing for me .
  • Poonam Gupta
    Very understanding, friendly and soft spoken.. analyse things and more interested in knowing the root cause and the various possibilities to cure it.
  • Tara Mishra
    I was diagnosed with this fatal illness CKD in 2001 at just 44 years of age. My entire life was changed completely. I am in government service and it seemed that my career and future were at risk. I had visited several doctors but their medication never relieved my symptoms rather complicated my problem. The side effects of those medications were near fatal. I wasn’t even able to walk. And then I get treatment from Dr Sham Sunder. For 15 years, I was treated without being on dialysis. I am leading a very normal life. All thanks to Dr. Sham Sunder. I attach his caring and helping attitude more than his medication advice.
  • Sudarshan Prasad
    Under the treatment of Dr Sham Sunder, I would say he has given me new birth. I was very frustrated about my inability caused due to kidney problem and I felt helpless. But Dr Sham Sunder’s treatment helps me a lot and my condition is stable now. I am able to perform my day to day work with ease. I wish Dr. Sham Sunder all the best.
  • Kuljeet Kaur
    Upon learning that I have CKD, I really started worrying. I was thinking that it would be a horrible experience. But Dr Sham Sunder’s supportive and caring attitude instill confidence in me and I am very satisfied with the care l am receiving. Now, I am really feeling happy about my treatment. I am thankful to Doctor Saab for his good treatment.
  • Puran Bahadur
    I am very impressed with the knowledge of Dr. Sham Sunder, especially his wonderful attention to every patient of him. His care is second to none. I am having dialysis thrice a week and under Dr Sham Sunder and I am amazed at the speed of my recovery.
  • Kuldeep Malhotra
    When I was diagnosed with Kidney ailment I thought I'd never be able to lead a normal life. The difficult part of the disease is maintaining activity level and managing other related problems. However under your guidance, I am having a workable life. My sincere gratitude and many thanks to you. Your help and co-operation is great. Your experience is incredibly vast that provide positivity to me.
  • Chandrawati
    I just want to thank Dr Sham Sunder for providing me new life. I was afraid of dialysis before meeting him. However his helpful co-operation made things easy.