Kidney Transplant

All Chronic Kidney Disease once reaches end stage Kidney Failure (CKD Stage V) requires renal replacement therapy in the form of Dialysis   or Kidney Transplantation. Kidney Transplantation is complete definitive treatment. Here Transplant patient leads normal and healthy life. Here Donor Kidney is fixed surgically in the lower part of abdomen and donor kidney blood vessels are anastomosed with blood vessel of recipient Iliac vessels present in lower abdomen and ureter of donor   to recipients Bladder. Donors can be either live Related (Blood Related)or  organ donated by brain dead patient e.g. Road Traffic accident case. Average survival of transplant patient is about 18 to 22 years Patient requires three immune- suppressive drugs prevent Kidney Rejections. All such patients are at high risk of all types of infections and also at risk of immune suppressive drug toxicities. All such patients have to be strictly monitored by transplant physician .Renal Transplant is best choice of treatment as it is more economical than patients on regular Dialysis. There are two types of Dialysis, hemodialysis or continuous Ambulatory peritoneal dialysis where average survival  is about five years. All modalities of renal replacement therapies  are inter-changeable

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