Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Whenever there is Evidence of Kidney Damage or loss of Kidney Function for more than 3 months is called Chronic Kidney Disease. There is epidemic of chronic kidney disease in our population. It is always irreversible & Progressive kidney disease and it gradually progresses   to end stage renal failure requiring dialysis or Kidney Transplantation as treatment.  CKD  is divided into five different stage depending up degree of renal dysfunction Normal Glomerular Filtration rate in normal adult patient is about 100 to 120 C.C per minute ( Filtration capacity of Kidney) . In Stage 5  glomerular  filtration rate is less than 15 C.C per minute is also called end stage renal failure which requires renal replacement therapy to survive.

              Among the various causes Diabetes and hypertension are the commonest causes about 50% of CKD are due to diabetes which is preventable if it diagnosed in early stage. Good Kidney Specialist will always try to find out the underlying cause of kidney diseases . Many of kidney disease  are completely treatable. Good conservative treatment  of   CKD can slow down the progression of kidney disease and improves quality of life.

           In young  Patient high blood pressure may be the only manifestation of Chronic Kidney Disease. About of  70% of patients of CKD are completely  asymptomatic often diagnosed only on routine  healthy  Checkup only.

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