Kidney Stone Disease

Kidney Stone are hard deposits of minerals and acid salt that stick  together in the concentrated urine. They can be present in any part of kidney, urinary tracts and urinary bladder. Prevalence of  kidney stones in North India is very high and about 50% of all kidney stone patients are risk of recurrence. Most common symptoms is  severe pains which  usually on either side of upper part of abdomen near spine. It is always colic in nature often associated with nausea and vomiting and hematuria ( Blood in the urine) and can also be associated with  Kidney Failure. It requires ultrasound abdomen or NCCT Scan of Abdomen for evaluation of kidney stone disease. Dehydration and family history of kidney stone disease are common risk factors for formation of kidney stones. Types of kidney stones are Calcium oxalate, Calcium phosphates, Uric Acid. Cystine stones or mixed types of kidney . Treatment consists of plenty of fluids about 2 to 3 Liters per day,  urine alkanizers and Pain Relieving drugs, Dietary precautions to prevent formation of  stone disease. Stones less than 5mm in size can pass spontaneously. Larger Stones can be treated by lithotripsy or by open surgical methods.

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