Excess fluid beneath your skin is the reason for swelling. Your skin may appear to stretch over the excess fluid in the swollen area, or it may feel hard or puffy to the touch. The most widely used medical phrase to characterize this illness is edema. A small part of your body, such as a finger joint, can experience localized edema. Anasarca, or full-body edema, is another possibility. Swelling is normal in some circumstances, particularly in the lower legs. For instance, edema may occur during pregnancy, during extremely hot conditions, or after prolonged sitting. It may, therefore, also be a sign of a more serious illness. The best course of action can be determined by understanding the reason of the swelling. Normally, a tiny quantity of fluid periodically seeps into the surrounding tissue (interstitial space) from your blood arteries (intravascular space). The fluid stays for a while until the lymphatic system gathers it and puts it back into the blood arteries for circulation. White blood cells are produced, stored, and transported throughout the body via the lymphatic system, which is a component of the immune system that combats illness.


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