A physician with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders is known as a nephrologist. If you have any indications of kidney disease or other disorders that could harm your kidneys, you should consult a nephrologist. Your nephrologist will treat your ailment, request tests, and review your medical history during your visits. Nephrologists (neh-frah-leh-jists) are medical professionals who specialize in kidney care. The urinary system includes your kidneys. These organs, which resemble beans, filter your blood and eliminate waste, extra water, and electrolytes, which are expelled from your body as urine. Medical professionals who specialize in kidney care are known as nephrologists. Your nephrologist can do an examination, prescribe medicine or a procedure, diagnose your problem, and arrange blood and urine tests. You can be referred to a nephrologist by your primary care physician. If necessary, they might collaborate with one another or with other experts to help treat you.


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