A common side effect of kidney transplantation is diabetes. Diabetes mellitus after kidney transplantation (PTDM) is linked to greater rates of cardiovascular disease and infection, the two main killers of kidney transplant recipients, as well as increased mortality and morbidity. Medication is one factor. To stop your body from rejecting the transplanted organ, you must continue taking immunosuppressive medications after a transplant. Typically, your body defends itself against pathogens and viruses that aren't a part of it. Your immune system is that defense mechanism. Your immune system remains inactive if you use anti-rejection medication. Without it, your immune system would attack your new organ since it would be perceived as a "foreign invader". Regrettably, these drugs can worsen or increase your chance of developing diabetes. You may be at risk for diabetes due to a variety of factors. You cannot modify some factors, such as your age or cultural origin. Others, though, like being overweight or not getting enough exercise, are things you can address.


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