A nephrologist is a medical professional who focuses on identifying and treating kidney diseases. If you exhibit any kidney disease symptoms or any problems that might harm your kidneys, you should consult a nephrologist. Your nephrologist will review your medical history, prescribe tests, and treat your disease during your sessions. A medical professional who specializes in kidney treatment is known as a nephrologist. Your urinary system includes your kidneys. Your kidneys are bean-shaped organs that filter your blood to eliminate waste, extra water, and electrolytes before urine (pee) leaves your body. A pediatric nephrologist is a medical professional who focuses on kidney care and treatment for infants, kids, teenagers, and young adults. In addition to performing kidney and pancreatic transplants, transplant nephrology also specializes in providing care for kidney and pancreas transplant recipients. Because of the slight overlap in their areas of speciality, nephrologists and urologists might be difficult to distinguish from one another.


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