World Kidney Day

10ThMarch 2022 is 17th WKD being celebrated all over the world .This year theme is Healthy Kidney for all by raising awareness about kidney disease among the public for prevention and early detection of kidney disease. One in ten adult is suffering from kidney disease. Someone in your family or in your neighbor might be victim of kidney disease.

Commonest kidney problem is Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) which is always irreversible progressive disease ultimately requiring Dialysis or Kidney Transplantation. CKD is major silent killer like Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes etc. It is 5th major cause of Death in the World.

How to suspect Kidney Disease:- Early symptoms may be very vague like easy fatigues, shortness of breath, swelling of face or feets, froth in urine, blood in urine, nausea and vomiting sensation. In young patient high blood pressure may be only manifestation of kidney disease.

How to diagnose kidney disease:- it can be done simply blood test for serum creatinine for estimation of glomerular filtration rate which indictes degree of kidney function and urine test for degree of proteinuria.

What are major causes of CKD:- More than 75 % of of kidney problems are due to Diabetes ,high blood pressure, Family history of Kidney Disease, Obesity , Inflammation of Kidneys, Recurrent Urinary tract infections, Kidney stone Disease and ingestion of pain killers and Indigenous medications.

If kidney disease can be detected in early stages it may be completely cured by many newer medications if not we can certainly retard the progression of kidney disease to delay the requirement of dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Guide lines to prevent kidney diseases:-

  1. Take healthy diet and keep fit , life style modifications and maintain body weight
  2. Consume 2 to 3 liters of fluids daily
  3. If you are diabetic , keep blood sugar under check and maintain HbA1c between 6.5% to 7%
  4. If your are having high blood pressure keep it below 120/80 mm of Hg
  5. Avoid taking pain killers and indigenous medications
  6. Regular annual screening by blood and urine test of high risk patients like diabetic, hypertensive or having family history of kidney disease

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