Kidney disease is a condition of damaged kidneys when waste & fluid are not getting removed, instead of getting accumulated in the body. The severity of kidney disease may differ according to different groups: *In India, over 1, 75,000 patients are on chronic dialysis. Every year, about 2,20,000-2,75,000 new patients need a kidney or Renal Replacement Therapy. Kidney failure is not an overnight occurrence. It is the result of the continuing loss of kidney function. Kidneys are most commonly damaged due to medical ailments such as Diabetes, high blood pressure etc. A person with kidney failure may experience frequent urination; blood in the urine; appetite loss, weight loss; swelling over the body, fatigue; shortness of breath; so on. Dialysis is a procedure recommended for a person suffering from around 90% renal failure. When Kidneys fail or do not function properly, dialysis can help in performing their roles of removing wastes &fluid from the blood. Dialysis procedure can help the person regain better mobility & flexibility; improved well- have fewer diet restrictions; longer and healthier life and many more. Additionally, urine output may be normal at the time of initiation of hemodialysis. Visit PROF. (DR.) SHAM SUNDER clinic to get the best treatment for kidney failure.

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