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Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, refers to a chronic condition in which the pressure of the blood against the artery walls is more than the normal blood pressure. This condition can’t be cured but can be controlled with the help of medications and a few measures. The blood pressure is measured with the help of a pressure-measuring gauge. If the blood pressure is above 140/90, it is termed hypertension, and if the blood pressure is above 180/120. It is termed severe hypertension. The best method is to visit a doctor and get your blood pressure checked. This condition can be kept in control with the help of medication in the form of oral pills and a healthy lifestyle. The following practices will help in reducing hypertension. Breathing exercises: This method helps in keeping stress and anxiety away, which helps in keeping the blood pressure normal, Regular exercise and Yoga: Daily workouts will lead to a healthy lifestyle, Less salt (sodium) intake: Lesser salt (sodium) intake will help in reducing hypertension symptoms as salt (sodium) is said to increase blood pressure levels PROF. (DR.) SHAM SUNDER has a strong interest and experience in complicated respiratory. He was also at the forefront providing her expertise in the management of covid 19 patients during the pandemic.

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  • Hypertension Management in Safdarjung
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