Your kidneys play several crucial roles in your body, including removing waste and extra fluid from the blood, preserving the electrolyte balance, and generating hormones that regulate things like blood pressure. You can get assistance from a nephrologist by having your kidneys examined to see if you already have kidney disease or are at risk for developing it. Changing urine patterns is one indication that you might need to visit a nephrologist. This is a sign that you should seek medical assistance since it could mean that you have renal disease or kidney failure.peeing less often or not at all, and having foamy or darker urine. High blood pressure can harm the kidneys or perhaps cause them to fail. The kidneys use a large number of blood channels to filter waste and surplus fluid from the blood. The nephrons that filter your blood are deprived of the oxygen and nutrients they require when blood vessels are injured. This makes high blood pressure the second most common contributor to renal failure. Consult a nephrologist if you have high blood pressure to find out how to better control your blood pressure and safeguard your kidneys.


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