If you have any symptoms of renal illness, you should see a nephrologist. Kidney disease symptoms may include A genetic family history of kidney disease. If one of your direct genetic (biological) relatives has kidney illness, you may be more susceptible to it. A nephrologist can assist prevent or cure kidney disease in its early stages. Diabetes. Diabetes can cause kidney damage. Diabetes puts you at an increased risk of renal failure. Blood pressure that is too high. High blood pressure can also cause kidney injury. Blood vessels are used by your kidneys to assist filter waste and excess fluids from your blood. High blood pressure causes your blood vessels to become less elastic, reducing blood and oxygen flow to your kidneys. Kidney failure can result from decreased blood and oxygen supply. Changes in your urination. Changes in your pee or peeing habits could suggest a kidney problem. Peeing more or less frequently, foamy pee, or darker-colored pee are all signs.


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