It might seem like getting a second shot at life after a kidney donation. Learn about post-transplant life, including how to recuperate, how to take anti-rejection medication, how to take care of your mental health, and other healthy living advice. Each person will recover from kidney transplant surgery differently. This is generally what to anticipate. Following surgery, you will spend 3–4 days in the hospital recovering. While you are in the hospital, your transplant team will keep a careful eye on how you are doing. In the first week following surgery, it is typical to have some discomfort. While you are recuperating, your side and lower tummy may be painful, and you may also feel weak and exhausted. One day following surgery, it is often advisable to stand up and begin cautiously moving about. You could get greater energy and your replacement kidney might start functioning immediately away. You will require dialysis until your replacement kidney begins functioning if it takes a few days to do so. Anti-rejection or immunosuppressive medications stop your body from rejecting (fighting) the replacement kidney. This may occur if your immune system detects that the kidney is not your own. Immunosuppressive drugs reduce (suppress) your immune response so that it is less likely to attack your replacement kidney.


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