The kidneys are organs located in the back of the abdomen that are present in most persons. The main job of your kidneys is to filter your blood. They also regulate the fluids in your body and eliminate waste. Kidney disease, kidney infections, and kidney cysts are common renal disorders. Your blood is filtered by the two bean-shaped organs called kidneys. The urinary system includes your kidneys. The kidneys provide a variety of vital purposes. They purge your blood of waste products and poisons. Acids, muscle waste (creatinine), and nitrogen waste (urea) are examples of common waste products. They support your body's elimination of harmful toxins. Approximately half a cup of blood is filtered by your kidneys per minute. Your kidneys are covered in three layers of fat or connective tissue called the renal capsule. It links your kidneys to surrounding tissues, strengthens them against damage, and keeps them safe from harm.


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